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Pasta, Rice, Grains, Legumes


We offer many brands of Italian-made pasta that have one thing in common:  Tradition.

Eating a bowl of pasta in Italy features the pasta, not overwhelming ladles of sauce. The sauce accompanies the pasta, not the other way around. In Italy, the sauce is the “condimento” to the pasta. To create this perfect combination, you must start with the best pasta.

What is that pasta all about?  First, the best grains (durum wheat semolina is the standard) must be used to create the appropriate base. The freshest spring waters add a clean taste to the mix. Then the method of careful kneading, extruding the mixture through time-tested bronze dies, and ending with multiple days of air-drying creates the superb pastas on our shelves. 

Try an artisanal pasta once and we guarantee you will not want to go back to commercially made products ever again.